Adeyeye dumps PDP for APC, aligns with Fayemi

  • Adeyeye dumps PDP for APC, aligns with Fayemi

A former publicity secretary of the PDP who came second in the party’s primary for the Ekiti State governorship election,  Prince Dayo Adeyeye, has formerly joined the APC with his supporters.

Adeyeye, who scored 771 in the primary held on May 8 in Ado Ekiti, said he decided to pitch his tenth with the APC and its candidate, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, “to resist and stop the evil agenda of one man to put our people in perpetual enslavement.”

Adeyeye had dumped the PDP shortly after the primary but did not announced where he was heading to until yesterday, a move seen as a great boost to Fayemi’s bid.

Adeyeye at a press conference in Ado Ekiti, yesterday, said “We have assurances of Dr. Kayode Fayemi, the APC candidate that he has come to right the wrong of the past and not on a vengeance mission as being touted by Fayose and his cohorts.

“He is now better equipped, well focused and better prepared to move Ekiti forward. Let’s join hands with him in the collective mission to rescue our dear state from the greedy predator in this hour of our greatest need. This is a call to duty for all patriotic Ekiti sons and daughters,” he said.

Adeyeye, who entitled his statement  ‘A Call to Duty’, said though some patriotic leaders of the PDP had appealed to him to reconsider his decision in the light of his previous services and loyalty to the party, the issue was never about him as a person but the interest of his associates.

Adeyeye said allowing Fayose’s deputy, Prof. Kolapo Olusola, to become the next governor is “continuity of dictatorship, impunity and imposition.”

“For my friends, admirers, patrons and well-wishers, I want to reiterate that Fayose is an impossible person to deal with. A pompous martinet with a huge ego; he is deliberately divisive and deceitful. He does not believe in reconciliation and no effort at reconciliation will work with him.

“Leaving the PDP was not an easy decision to make. That was a party to which I have rendered invaluable service at the most trying period of its history.

“Therefore, where I am compelled to make a choice between loyalty to a political party and loyalty to my community, l will readily choose my community or state. Political parties come and go but the community remains,” he said.

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