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Anti-Igbo Tweets: Omokri Using Closeness To Atiku To Desecrate PDP, Metuh Demands Action From Party

Metuh said Omokri’s post asking Igbos to leave Lagos for choosing to support Peter Obi instead of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the forthcoming 2023 presidential election is not only ‘insensitive’ but capable of ‘desecrating’ the ideals of the founders of the PDP.

Omokri had said in a Facebook post: “You rage against Tinubu. You insult his ethnicity (who are the most accommodating people in Nigeria and perhaps Africa). You accuse him of using MC Oluomo. You say Obi is far better than Tinubu. You say Obi will turn Nigeria into paradise. Yet, you remain in Lagos and refuse to leave Lagos for the paradise that Obi created in Anambra! The only reason I am against Tinubu is because as a drug lord, he can be blackmailed by foreign intelligence services. Otherwise, he performed as Lagos Governor. If you maintain that Obi did better than Tinubu, prove it by packing your kaya and relocate to Anambra!”

But reacting, the PDP chieftain said if Omokri is not stopped, his tweet and other similar posts shared by him would be passed off as the party’s official position.

He noted that Omokri is not a member of the PDP presidential campaign council but has been using his closeness to the party’s presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, to make disparaging remarks against individuals and groups.

“The time has come for the Peoples Democratic Party to issue a disclaimer to Reno Omokri’s posts. Whilst he is not a member of the Presidential Campaign team, his closeness to the Presidential candidate and his open support for the party may mislead people to believe his posts as representating (sic) the views of the Party.

Omokri, a former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, has made it a call of duty to attack Peter Obi and his supporters on social media ever since the Labour Party presidential candidate dumped the PDP to pursue his ambition on another platform.

The former presidential aide dedicates an average of five to eight posts daily to de-marketing Obi and inciting other tribes against voting for him in the February 25 presidential poll. Such posts could be found below:

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