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Fading Away Liz Anjorin Is A Pathological Liar As Prophet Genesis Never Refer To Her In One Of His Preaching ‘The Storm’

…Says I never knew I was preaching ‘The Storm’ Against myself

Oluwaseun Fabiyi of BethNews, the media aide to popular world Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe, aka Genesis, has denounced a voice audio making round the social media credited to the Man Of God, by Yoruba fading away Nollywood actress, Liz Anjorin


Recall that Prophet Israel Oladele had preached about ‘Storm’ Iji by using an illustration of palm tree and orange tree some years back inside Genesis Global Headquarters located at Duro Isola street, Dalemo Alakuko in which the video of that preaching went viral as it reached over 30 millions viewers on the social media


Surprisingly, and to those that still have the 3 minutes of that video clips can attested that there was no area the man of God has ever mentioned Liz Anjorin’s name rather he was just preaching about the ‘Storm’ of life as Holy Spirit had directed him however, this is just a defamation of character emanating from Liz Anjorin to have comes up after many years of ‘The Storm’ message and painted, tweeted it by alleging the prophet of God was actually directing the message to her, if I may ask; how does Liz Anjorin related to the ‘Storm’ preaching? Or should I just concluded that the worrisome, confusionist woman might have something against prophet Israel Genesis or might be looking for a cheap social media publicity since she’s already fading away.

According to his Media Aide, the prophet was said to have preached the storm led by the Holy Spirit by using a standing palm trees, Orange trees for an illustration and a better understanding, saying in storm of life someone need to stay calm and focus on the Lord knowing fully well, storm does not last long, it comes and blow away.


He went further by saying, he never knew he God was using ‘The Storm’ message to warned him by preaching it against himself because he actually went through that same storm afterwards.

In this case as attested to by his Media Aide, the Man of God had been wrongly quoted by Liz Anjorin


His media aide, Oluwaseun Fabiyi hereby dismissed the audio claims by garrulous Liz Anjorin because there was never a time the man of God, Genesis, mentioned her name in any of his messages and there’s no iota of truth in what Liz Anjorin portrait in that audio but rather a pathological liar.


The small but mighty televangelist hereby advises the general public, church members, and his online followers to ignore the audio false circulated on social media for her cheap publicity credited to him as it’s totally baseless and unfounded.

On a final note, he reiterated that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is never of condemnation, but of salvation. As he would continue to preach the truth with the direction of the Holy Spirit.

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