How Students Can Use Lockdown Period Meaningfully – Prof. Umaru Pate

Students of tertiary institutions have been advised to maximize the lockdown season by reading and engaging in practical writings for self development.

The advice was given by the Dean Of Postgraduate Studies, Bayero University (BUK), Professor Umaru Pate, in an interview with THE WHISTLER .

Recall that the federal government had ordered the closure of schools across the country, so as to curb the Coronavirus pandemic; and many states are currently in lockdown.

Umaru Pate said that this was the time for students to engage in self development through writing of essays of different kinds.

“It could be on their life experiences or on things that are happening,” he said.

He noted that the ability to write well and speak well was an exceptional skill that could sell a person anywhere, thereby developing preparing them for life after school.

“Many of our students are becoming poorer in terms of actual writing,” he said.

To do this, he added that students should also read all sorts of novels as that would improve their language and writing skills.

Furthermore, he said those that have laptops or phones should use it to enhance their typing skills as well as follow up knowledge and skill acquisition platforms on the internet.

“They should be able to search at least online, and look out for some those things that they could do,” he said.

He also said that students should read ahead of time by studying their various course outlines, adding that they would gain a lot and would not be under pressure when school resumes.

He said the outstanding student would go the extra mile doing these things, “and not just waste their time watching television, sleeping and chatting on things that adds no value to them.”

“As an individual, that is what I have been doing, I write, I’m in my personal office working; I have a lot of assignments which I think is an opportunity for me to address,” he said.

He also said that students should avoid wandering around as that would not improve their worth, adding that they should also abide by all the rules and recommendations issued by health authorities regarding covid-19.

The covid-19 public health advisory recommends social distancing, washing of hands, among other things, as measures that ensures that one is not infected with the virus.

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