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Knocks for Indimi twins over constant criticisms of  Buhari’s family

The twins have always had reasons to criticise not only the family of the president but also his  despite the fact that their brother, Ahmed is married to Zahra, Buhari’s daughter.

The latest criticism from the girls came when one of them who  berated  the government over its failure to solve  the ordeal of the kidnapped Abuja-Kaduna train victims.  She said in a video: “Yesterday, we saw the video of the train victims. All I know is that all of you in power, God will judge you. I feel for the victims, I feel for their families. I don’t know any single person there, but I’m devastated. May Allah protect us, protect our families and our country. May Allah give us a president that will love our families, that will love our country. This is not it. This is not it.”

According to First Weekly the followers of the ladies have begun to express disenchantment with the ladies over their method of criticism. An observer who  identified himself as Olu Adewale, said , “While I would not deny the fact that they have a right to criticise the government as a citizen of the nation, they however ought to understand that the families of Buhari and Indimi are one by marriage and that some hat some issues ought to be taken as family affairs for the sake of the future’.

Another social media user, Godwin Joseph, said since their brother is married to the daughter , such public criticism was wrong.

According to First Weekly, some observers were of the opinion that  the message was not bad but should been passed to the  president through  Ahmed.

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