Little things that can change the world – Dr Arinze Madueke, Zidora Founder

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The world can be a tough place but it doesn’t have to be, because we are all part of the human race and we must all protect and help each other. In today’s 21st century where the global world is faced with serial disasters and crises across different regions, love is the only possible natural mechanism that can save the world. However, man loving his neighbor as himself should be natural to mankind like breathing, because oxygen is love.
Interestingly, even the major religions practiced around the world all preach the essence of love. They emphasize the need to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, otherwise known as the golden rule. If this can be put into daily use, a world where the next door neighbor is seen as a brother or even just as a humanbeing in the same human heritage like ourselves; where the strength of “we” far outweights “I”, the peace the world deserves would become a reality. This is not some idealistic, simplistic or mere moralist persuations. It is a doable, practical option available to every man and woman, in our daily dealings with other people.
According to Jimi Hendrix, “when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace”, because we all are like shinning stars and we are meant guide each other and the only way to achieve a world where the wellbeing of one is the concern for all is through love, nothing but love. A strong desire, genuine commitment to serve, to reach out and do all, without expecting anything in return.
The truth is, we do not need guns and bombs or possess destruction capacity to cause fear so as to ensure peace. A system the world peace is predicated on, otherwise called balance of power. In actual fact, love is the principal thing that can connect people together to overcome all the difficulties and several challenges facing millions of people in the world. Therefore, it is not how much you have done, but how much more you are ever willing to do.
Love being an act of endless forgiveness, is a condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. Indeed, love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it. Therefore, do good by sharing the beauty of love to your fellow man. Go out and smile, cheer people up, encourage them with your story, help them. We can never do enough. Your smile, words of encouragement, assistance, could be the reason someone will want to keep living today.
Lets consciously reach out to people and be kind to them. If you affect just a few people around you positively, you have changed the world.
The author Dr. Arinze Madueke, is an entreprenure with investments in Travel and Tours, New Media, Tech Innovation, Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals, among others. He is the President of Zidora Aid Foundation-ZAF Africa, a platform through which he “gives back to the society”. ZAF has been actively involved in IDPs camp supplies, several back to school programmes which is a major focus of the foundation  across Nigeria and beyond.
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