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Men can never do something for women for free – Bella Ebinum

Bella Ebinum
Actress Bella Ebinum has questioned the school of thought that claims ‘women like money’ wondering if men ever could ever do things freely for women with ulterior motives.

Responding to her query, Ebinum emphatically stated men could never do anything for women for free without desiring something it return.

She also stated these same men who hold such notion find it hard to even help their gender.

“They say ‘women like money, women like money’. Can a man actually do something for a woman for free? A man can never do something for a woman for free.

“That’s if you even see a good one that can actually wait for the third time.

“A man can never do something for a woman for free. Help your fellow man, no! Help a woman: she has to bring something. And you say a woman likes money?”

“Not that I’m advocating for anything but let’s be factual here. Men can never do anything for a woman for free! For free!! That’s the truth.”

Sharing her ‘famous’ advice she dishes regularly to women in love or seeking to settle down, the movie star added: That’s why I tell every woman, if you know you truly love a man and you want to get married, settle down, tell the man no s3x before marriage, till after marriage.

“Who wan help you no go stress you. I know you’ll get to know yourselves, do that from afar.”

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