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Tambou: S3x with producer is by choice, not force


Curvy Nollywood actress and producer, Joy Tambou has opined that having s3x with a film producer or director is free and by choice.

In a recent chat with The Nation, Tambou expressed her opinion on the s3x stories involving Nollywood practitioners saying, “S3x is free. If you want to give, you give. S3x is not by force, if you are saying that some people are looking for s3x, Nollywood producers are looking for s3x? They should know that it is about choice.”

She went ahead to urge female film stars to stop blaming producers for demanding s3x.

“Stop blaming producers, stop blaming people that they are requesting for s3x. There is no sector in this world that they don’t request for s3x but the thing is it is not just in Nollywood alone, it is everywhere. You go to the bank, people request for s3x, in politics, law firms, everywhere,” he said.

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