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Tinubu Will Be Next Nigerian President, Buhari Declares At Imo Rally

Buhari made this declaration on Tuesday in Imo State during the party’s presidential campaign rally stopover.

The president raised the hand of the candidate and admonished the people to give their votes to his likely successor in the February 25 election.

Tinubu on his part promised “peace, security and prosperity” promising to ensure that the state is mainstream if he’s elected.

He advised the people not to vote for the opposition.
“Would you vote for lie lie people? They lie too much,” Tinubu said, adding “they don’t deserve your vote.”

He said, “We came to assure you of the unbroken hope, of breaking the shackles; shackles of poverty, shackles of ignorance and loneliness and those who will never tell the truth.

“See the last 8 years as retooling, retooling the neglected foundation which the other party refused to move forward.

“West-East Road, tick it, completed. Infrastructural renewal, done. Rail line on.

“They shared the booty of electricity generation and distribution that must be strengthened, renewed and be serviceable to the people.

“We don’t want that anymore. And they want to come back? They want to come back with those lies? Would you vote for them?

“You vote for people who could not distinguish between regulations of civil service and separation and public interest.

“The other day their leader asked a question, what did you do to make money? He said he’s a car dealer whereas in the civil service regulations, you can only do agriculture.

“In it you search, no car dealership. Lie number one.

“Final confession came this last weekend by their National Chairman. He confessed on open television that their party, it is true, their party ruined, destroyed the hope of all Nigerians.

“You heard it yourself from Iyorchia Ayu, from his mouth. You heard it or you didn’t hear it?

“You did not have social media? Would you vote for a party whose national chairman confessed to such a heinous crime?

“Failure! To you I made the pledge that the incorruptible attitude of Muhammadu Buhari will continue. We are not seeking the booty of office to exist for a good life.

“We are going to prudently manage and increase your revenue generation capacity,” Tinubu said.

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