Dangote introduces new cement brand

Dangote Cement Plc on Monday unveiled a new brand of its product known as the Dangote BlocMaster, a 42.5 grade cement.

The Group Managing Director, Dangote Cement Plc, Mr Joseph Makoju, said the new product had been formulated to make a difference in the construction industry.

“We identified an opportunity that we can have a product combining all the qualities of good cement; the cement market is relatively sophisticated with different products. This particular product is good for multi-level structures,” he said.

According to him, block moulders were involved in the research leading to the formulation of the product.

“We took samples to them to test before we finally concluded the product. This new product is up to 50 per cent stronger after one day and is ideal for all block and concrete applications,” he said.

He added that the company had an efficient fleet to get the product to consumers as quickly as possible, at the best price.

The Chief Marketing Officer of the company, Mr Oare Ojeikere, said the new product was designed for all concrete construction purposes.

He stated, “Dangote Cement BlocMaster is up to 15 per cent stronger than any 42.5 grade available in the Nigerian market today and gets up to 50 per cent stronger after one day, which means more strength and yield.

“We want the name to resonate anywhere cement is mentioned, which is why it is called BlocMaster, with its rapid setting quality.”

The President, National Association of Block Moulders of Nigeria, Mr Rasheed Adebowale, said his members were happy about the new product and urged the company to make it affordable.

“As block moulders and the end users of cement, we use more than 80 per cent of the cement produced by Dangote, so we appreciate this effort,” he stated.

The Director General, Standards Organisation of Nigeria, Osita Aboloma, who was represented by Joseph Ugbaja, said the initiative to produce a higher quality of 42.5 grade cement was commendable.

He confirmed the product had been tested and certified by the SON.

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