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Ink donated by voters to avoid delay at polling unit

says it is a violence free voting exercise

Complains about identifying party logo as hitch for elderly people


In the early hours of Saturday, within the Abuja metropolis, Kubwa, which had not less than six polling unit, Voters were seen donating ink to avoid delay while voting.

In a chat with one of our correspondent, Chibike Isaiah, who is a first time voter expressed how the Voting process has been.

He said, “I voted today, this is my first time of voting, when I came and noticed the ink was finished, I bought ink and donated, and I wasn’t the only one, several of us too. Talking about the elections, I believe it is ok, it is free and fair”.

Obadiah Ishaku, one of the PDP supervisor, said “the elections is going well, we haven’t had any problem, everything is going fine. Nothing like quarrelling or anything. The only hitch we had now is that the ink finished at a time, but it has been rectified now.

Ebuka Chinasa, a Realtor who came to partake in the excercise said “currently as it is now, it is free, it is fair within my polling unit (040), at the NYSC camp. People have also been trying to organize things, both the advoc staffs and non staffs, which is fine.”

Speaking on INEC identifying name of candidates or party on the ballot paper, Ebuka said, “I would prefer INEC do a ballot paper with name of candidates and logo, most especially for elderly people who might not be able to recognize the logo and are looking for a name of party or candidate, so they wouldn’t get confused, it would really help.

Oko Joseph, a Farmer who lamented on almost voting for a wrong presidential candidate said, “I am coming from Guita village, between Bwari and Kubwa, I ride bicycle come here, just to come vote, I am over 50 years, no name for the paper, I be wan vote for labour party, I dey there I dey find am, I just confuse, na people kon help me find am, them suppose to write all the party, it is not fair.”

Babatunde olatosin, a voter at polling unit 038 stressed that the elections so far has been going smoothly, and a bit organised.

Aderonju Amos, an APC supervisor, while expressing pleasure concerning the exercise said, “We have about six polling unit here, the arrival of materials, everything was under control, and the elections is going successfully, every where is calm, as you can see thousands of people is calm to cast their vote, everything is under control.

Speaking on the delay of voting process, Aderonju said, “actually voters has been on ground since 7am, we were awaiting the arrival of materials that was why they started late and immediately the material arrived, they started at immediately at 9am.” He added.

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