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Peter Obi has already won 2023 presidential election, says Kenneth Okonkwo

Peter Obi has already won 2023 presidential election, says Kenneth Okonkwo

Mr Kenneth Okonkwo, Nollywood actor and spokesperson for the Labour Party presidential campaign council, says Mr. Peter Obi, the party’s presidential candidate, is the only contender for the highest office in the land.

Okonkwo who appeared as a guest on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Thursday, said the 2023 election is between Mr Obi and others, adding however, that statistics on ground already suggest that the former governor of Anambra State has already won the election.

When asked if the LP presidential candidate can really win the election, Mr Okonkwo said Peter Obi has displayed an uncanny character and has shown that he has the capacity to serve the nation as an impactful leader.

“He has already won, check the analysis like I have always told you; take it by polls, there are three polls that have come out, ANAP, We-Together and Bloomberg; in the first one he scored 23, in the second one 53 and in the third one he scored 75.

“Soon and very soon, before the election reaches when the two candidates will unravel and I am sure they are already unravelling, then it will now be Peter Obi and others.

“Because then collectively at the polling poll, they will not have up to five per cent and whenever you don’t get up to five per cent you’ll be classified as others.

“So it is going to be Peter Obi and others, there is no other candidate.

Speaking further on his party’s presidential candidate, Mr Okonkwo who is also a lawyer said unlike some other contestants in 2023 presidential race, Mr Obi does not play his politics with any ethnic bias.

He said the other major players in the 2023 election are already playing the ethnic card, but Obi remains the one candidate who who is nationalistic in his approach and advocates for a united Nigeria where true transformation is possible.

“Let’s talk about sectional politics, as I have said, Atiku went to the north and said northerners should vote only for somebody from the North, not Yoruba, not Igbo. What can be more ethnic than that?

“Tinubu went to Ogun state and said it is the turn of the Yorubas and when it comes down to the Yorubas, it is my turn; that is the meaning of E mi lokan.

“What can be more sectional than that?

“Peter Obi went to the Igbo people and at the risk of losing their votes, he told them, “do not vote for me because I am Igbo, vote for me because I’m a man of competence, character and capacity. And Nigerians, he said, it is not the turn of anybody. In 2023, it is the turn of Nigerians,” the LP stalwart asserted.

Speaking about the recent discovery regarding some bad eggs within the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Mr Okonkwo said he is worried.

He however, stressed that the eternal vigilance of Nigerians will ensure that the 2023 elections will not manipulated.

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